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3.6 metre jet boat kit

The first of our 361 wide body jet boats has been launched. This 3.6 metre jet boat is designed to run jetski running gear. The wide body version is more of a load carrier than the narrower two man boat but does not have quite the same performance. In saying that the owner told us he had 3 people aboard the little boat and still it out-performed a frinds V8 powered jet boat which had just a helmsman aboard. We have just cut a 2 man 361 Jet for ourselves which we build as demonstrator.

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Purse Seiner Skiff

We have been working with 2 customers from the fishing industry developing a purseseiner skiff for use on Tuna fishing boats.                   
These are really tough no nonsense work boats and both customers intend to use Jet drive for propulsion for safety when working around fishing nets and lines in the water. This model is 5.6 metres long and can run engines up to 250 horsepower.

Custom classic timber yacht chaser

This boat was designed for a customer in the USA who wanted a boat to follow his son around the sailing course. The boat had to be low wash and efficient at low speed but with the ability to move at high speed to get to the best vantage point in time to see the racing close up. Beatifully built by a professional boatbuilder to the highest standards in Mahogany. She runs a 30 horsepower outboard. The boat is 5.8 metres long

Latest 801 ready for launching shortly. This is the longer cabintop version and the owner has opened the boat up by doing away with the aft bulkhead. More of a "launchy" interior makes this a fantastic all-round family boat for fishing or holdays on the water. It features our 4 bunk layout in the forward cabin which is now standard in the 801 kit. The head is forward in front of the helm to starboard and there is a dinette to port. Aft of the forward top bunks is another seating area providing two seating areas plus the cockpit. This boat has a stern leg fitted. Keep waching for an update on the launching.