We recently completed our first DKB Boatbuilding School. The first class is being covered in a series of articles by Boating New Zealand so keep an eye out for those. The final article in the series will be a sea trial on the 361 built by the students on the course.

Courses will run during the school term and will be limited to six students per course and is made up of ten 2.5 hour classes (one night per week). 

The course covers the building of a 361 kitset from jig to sea trial and includes welding on the actual boat. 

Also included is a session on design and why it is important for builders to understand the design process the boats have been based around and the impact the choices they make while building their kitset boat can have on the outcome.

Through the course you will do a lot of welding one on one with the tutor and learn about boat specific welds. You will get to see and do some of those welds on the boat.

You will also see how to utilise the jig, kitset and plans in conjunction with each other to assemble a quality boat. As you will see an actual kit set boat being assembled, you will learn the tricks of the trade to help you assemble your own kitset boat.

With the course being run over a term, the opportunity is there to assemble your own kitset boat at the same time and this would then give you access to the tutors to discuss any questions you may have with the assembly process and get direct tuition to help you on your way.

Cost of the course is $1,280.00. All you need is some safety footwear and some earmuffs.

Contact us if you are interested to know more about this course.

See the Boating New Zealand video of the boat and boat building school at http://www.stuff.co.nz/sport/boating/7166801/Build-your-own-boat