DIYNO custom kits

We are professional boat designers and as such we do offer design services for custom boats. The boats below are examples of custom designs/kits for customers. See "Production Kitsets" in the "Kitsets" drop down menu also for further examples of custom designs/kits

 DIYNO 821 Jet
  • LOH 8.2m
  • BOA 2.85m
  • Bottom thickness 6.0mm
  • Topsides 4.0mm
  • Superstructure 3.0mm
  • Light ship 2900Kg
  • Yanmar 370 HP 
  • Scott 952 jet unit
  • Speed 39 Knots
8.2 metre alloy jet boat
See the Boating New Zealand article on this boat here:-Articles...
View amateur video of the 821 jet crossing the bar at:-    

The boat was designed for crossing shallow bars in South Westland and is used for fishing and diving excursions in that area.
The professional skipper who was hired for commissioning described it as the best boat he has ever been on. The owners will leave the helm and let the boat drive itself which dispells the myth that jet boats don't make good sea boats!


Forward raking screens stop all the glare at the helm as can be seen here driving directly into the sun

Huge cockpit with massive work station over engine box.

Note the side lockers big enough to take the dive bottles

While this is a private pleasure boat it is easy to see how this boat could be used for serious commercial work. We have had an enquiry for a 15 metre version of this boat and we have also done a preliminary design for a 6.5 metre version.
DIYNO 361 WB Jet

3.6 metre jet boat

Designed as a hunting and fishing boat capable of going past previously unpassable stretches of water. She runs shallow draft but with safe and secure handling.
Built light enough to be man handled and manouvered by one man, makes the boat very versatile.
Built of 4mm and 3mm alloy with a central hull thickening (if required) with good structure makes a very light and strong boat with superb handling and performance.
The boat shown runs a 750 Kawasaki engine and pump for a top speed of 35 knots
See the Youtube video at