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  • LOH 3.65m
  • BOA 1.67m
  • Bottom thickness 3.0mm
  • Topsides 3.0mm
  • Superstructure 3.0mm
  • Light ship-alloy only 125Kg
  • Recommended Hp 30
  • Speed 28 Knots
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This is more of an alloy runabout than a tin dinghy. At 3.6 metre she is not long but big in volume and stature. The 361 gives a safe and secure feeling while driving making it a very pleasurable experience. Sitting at the helm behind the alloy screen makes it feel like driving a gokart. Smooth and responsive but also very safe makes it a pleasure to drive. As the saying goes, "less boat, more fun" 

The 361 with two adults and an 11 year old on learner skis

Under construction. The boat was described by a commercial fisherman as a tank! Very strong, stable and safe.

See the Boating New Zealand video of the boat and boat building school at