DIYNO 801...

  • LOH 8.130m
  • BOA 2.480m
  • Bottom thickness 6.0mm
  • Topsides 4.0mm
  • Superstructure 3.0mm
  • Light ship 2150Kg
  • 225-250 Hp
  • Speed 35 Knots
This particular boat is mainly used on New Zealands rugged West Coat. It is a serious fishing machine primarily set up for game fishing on the West Coast. See the New Zealand Fishing News article on this boat here:-

These photos show the boat doing what she does best. Fishing the West Coast.

Our latest version has a slightly longers wheelhouse and is a bit more "launchy" with sleeping capacity for 5.



801 Long Cabintop with sternleg

This is more of a launch style interior with 4 berths in the forward cabin and more interior volume. By doing away with the aft bulkhead the whole boat has been opened up to one large living space making for an excellent all-round family boat.

The boat is running a 280 horsepower sternleg and duoprop