Kitsets for Production Boatbuilders

As our primary business is boat design, we also design boats specifically for clients. Below are some boats we have designed for production boatbuilders. These are production boats and not offered as kitsets to the general public. If you are a production boatbuilder and are interested in a custom kit set then contact us.

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Beachcraft Boats Dunedin

Rêvo Beachcraft 601 Pontoon

6 metre alloy pontoon boat with surf launching trailer

130-150hp is the recommended horsepower

Hard to distinguish as a pontoon boat and without all the normal drawbacks of pontoon boats currently available this boat sets the standards in pontoon boat design.
There is a centre console/hardtop model, a cabin version and on the drawing board is a semi enclosed wheelhouse version.

Special feature is the ability for one man to launch and retrieve the boat through the surf.

Look out for the article in Boating New Zealand

Centre console version top

Cabin version below

4.5 metre pontoon boat

This is the smaller sister of the 6 metre alloy pontoon boat. Safe and secure for the serious fisherman with a smaller budget.

60 Horsepower is the recommended power

This small aluminium pontoon boat can be powered with a jet unit if preferred


6.0 metre welded polyethylene longboat.

Designed for commercial applications she is a robust fishing boat/work boat

with superb handling

Powered by 40 horsepower tiller steer outboard for 25 knots and a good load carier.

This boat is impressive. Cost effective and so versatile.

See the YouTube link at :-