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DIYNO Kitset Boats - Better boats built best by you!


Countries our boats are being built in: New Zealand, Australia,Canada, USA


Building your own boat is still one the most rewarding projects you can do.


As a sister company of Jim Pauling Yacht Design, DIYNO Kitset Boats has been established to enable clients the opportunity to access professional designs at a fraction of the cost of a full design fee. With access to the best designs, clients can build a top quality boat at half the price.


The choice of aluminium alloy makes good sense for kit set boats. Easily worked with inexpensive tools, light, strong, durable and clean to work, it gives the kitset boat builder the option of painted or unpainted finish.


To ensure the quality of material matches the quality of the design, we only use 5083 marine certified aluminium. A professional boat design and certified products means your investment of time and money is protected.


The kit set provides you with the base boat, from which you can add your personal touches for fishing, diving, cruising or water sports. You have the freedom to choose and make the boat truly your own.


We can also supply boats completed to any stage through our approved builders. Contact us for information on this option.


Boat trailer plans specifically designed to suit each kitset boat are also available.


For more information on the designer Jim Pauling click here